Life After Quarantine: Hiring The Best IT Resources You Can Find

While we begin the month of May, still finding ourselves in the quarantine climate, but starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, the reality of coming back to the office, back to the daily commute, back to the daily grind–I can’t help but think about the companies/teams we work with and the companies/teams wewant to work with–the game changing software development folks, the dynamic/cutting edge DevOps teams, the robust network infrastructure operations…and mainly the past hold out IT leaders to the work from home game. How will this quarantine climate affect your team moving forward? Did you retain everyone? Did you lose anyone? Were you forced to cut staff? What will the future look like in terms of hiring/attracting the best talent you can find when you finally get the okay to do so? If the work from home game wasn’t part of your team make up, I think I can safely say: It’s time to take notice people…you just taught your teams, some of the best talent you have, to not only work from home but you *strongly encouraged* that they be incredibly productive while doing so.

So what’s the future of hiring look like moving forward? Rest assure, to attract that best talent…it’s going to be a prerequisite for *most* of the best IT resources out there that they have the ability to work from home before accepting your offer. At the very least, they’ll want to hear or see language in their verbal or written offer like “it’s fine from time to time”, or “2-3 days a week”, or maybe even…”the majority of the time”.

You know why? You know what they’re telling themselves?

  • “I know I can do it.”
  • “I know I’m productive.”
  • “I know I can be relied on to be responsible with it.”
  • “I know I’ll work harder and put in more hours.”
  • “I literally just did it for the last 8+ weeks with great success.”

“So why can’t I do it moving forward in either this job or the next?”

Translation: if you’re still an IT leader hold out, and the next time you have an open req. that you have a hard time filling, you know the one…it sits open for 3, 4, 5 months, and it doesn’t list “ability to work from home” in the description?

My friends…It’s time to get in the game. It’s time to open your mind up. Your competitors will do it. The war for talent will demand it.

Most importantly, in all likelihood your success and employment future will depend on it.