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Recruiting for Remote Technical Teams – Tips & Risks

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Recruiting for Remote Technical Teams Small businesses and startups with strong technical cores are competing with well-funded multinational organizations for the same talent, and a remote workforce is one way of leveling the playing field. With access to a larger talent pool, smaller companies can source new employees globally in a more cost-effective way. An […]

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How to Staff IT & Technical Projects – SMB & Enterprise Hiring Solutions

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Whether you’re building a web development team for a small business or you’ve been tasked with supporting large scale corporate initiatives, hiring IT professionals to staff your IT projects can be daunting. As businesses use more advanced technology to strategically gain and retain a competitive edge in their market, they are looking to their IT […]

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NAILING THE INTERVIEW PT. 1 – Soft Skills for IT Introverts

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Interviews are stressful for everyone but are a special kind of torture for introverts and people who are accustomed to working alone. When pursuing new employment opportunities making a good first impression is critical, especially during interviews designed to make solid judgments on top candidates in a short period of time. But don’t despair, if […]

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The Hazards of Using A.I. for Hiring

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Recruiters have long leveraged technology such as ATS to do their jobs faster, easier, and better. The introduction of artificial intelligence for use in the recruiting process comes with promises of removing time-consuming employee activities that you now pay an actual person to execute and manage. But when you weigh A.I. recruiting tools against established […]